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KISS® is now the time stated in the panorama of fashion sunglasses and accessories. Particularly important in the production is dedicated to the Vintage style, and we of Glasses Retro we are Dealers and Owners of the brand in Italy. The motto of the brand says: << If it is not vintage is not cool... If not cool it is not Kiss!!! >>



The brand was born and has come to be known online, where the production is from the beginning the mission of developing lines of glasses that are accessible to all.
In 2010 - the year of birth of the owner of OcchialiRetro.com - have appeared on the market the first models of KISS, who were part of a single collection, the main so called 'Vintage'. Within a short period of time, these original models were online quite a success, because it came to be appreciated for their authentic retro taste, always a key element in the Fashion Glasses.
In the course of the years, the brand has developed many new models (both from the sun from view), with the simultaneous birth of the brand new lines that have gradually established themselves as a real Must Have!!! We recall in particular the lines 'Old School', 'Cult Movie', 'Cat Eye', 'Steampunk' , and 'Flat Top'.


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Models Kiss are among the most sought-after in fashion eyewear, with the characteristic of being hand polished! A wide assortment continues to grow. We always have available models in Fashion and Exclusive.

The LIST PRICES are all enclosed in the range from €14,90 €24,90, and will vary according to line of eyewear made of and the type of lenses fitted.

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