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Brand catalog: FENDI


FENDI® is a trademark italiano of luxury, founded as a fashion house in Rome by Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande. It is one of the brands best known in the fashion italiana, which helped to make known to the world after the second world war.
You can definitely say that Fendi was the pioneer of high fashion italiana, in different environments, and currently the Eyewear Sector has long been one of the most produttivi, becoming a true and proprio status symbol of the brand.



Founded in 1918 as a laboratory of fur-shop by Adele Casagrande, the company took on its current name in 1925, after her marriage with Edoardo Fendi. In 1946, the founders left the control of the business in the hands of the next generation, which will seek the collaboration with new designers, up to engage in the creation of their accessories an emerging Karl Lagerfeld. In 1965, the interest of Lagerfeld in search of materials will bring the fashion house Fendi at the top of the research on dyes and on the conce.
In 1969 the name of Fendi became famous in the world, going to add to the propria produzione cosmetic lines and accessories for men, later in the 80's and will expand the propria proposta with a variety of prodotti, which profumi, glasses, jeans.
In the current era there have been numerous successes of his clothing and, on the catwalk, are presented collections very popular and interpreted by top model and the most important in the international context.

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