Brand catalog: MyRetrò Eyewear


MYRETRÒ® presents the panorama of accessories-fashion with an innovative boost, completely original. Its mission is to merge the unparalleled and groundbreaking Concept of the Retro with the modern demand of innovation in the world of fashion eyewear. Motivated by the constant desire to experiment with new tastes, new frontiers!



The brand was founded in 2017, giving life to the beautiful Lines Underground, where eyewear is no longer a simple accessory,... But it becomes the undisputed protagonist of your own personal style!
The models are characterized by the quality of the materials (Frames, TR-90 and Metal), and the UV400 Lenses and Polarized, and a large variety of design to meet the needs of all tastes!
Packaging Complete: the glasses are always sealed and accompanied by a Hard Case and the official Cloth for cleaning.

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