Dear customers and friends,
we have decided to thank you for your trust and participation demonstrated in the course of these years, that has made our company and our team always more compact and motivated!

In recent years we have witnessed a constant evolution of the online marketplace, and currently a lot of webshopper are constantly in search of coupons, discounts or price lists reserved for purchases of contemporary products.

Yes, the premise is to offer you a Unique Promotion of its kind (and, for now, indefinitely), that rewards those who make multiple orders!


As it is well understood the above banner, this fantastic offer is structured as follows:

  • Every 2 items purchased, the system will will discount automatically €3.00 from the total of the order. The promo is still valid for multiples of 2, then each time you add 2 items to the shopping cart, the system will calculate an additional €3 discount!

[Example: if you purchase 4 products €10, the total of the products is €40, to which the system discount €6 off the total].

  • And also the promo MULTIPLE ORDERS is always associated with SPECIAL OFFERS that every month will be proposed. So you can get it easily Combo of Discounts!

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