You're a retailer, you have a sunglasses shop or sell online? Do you want to resell our products and become an authorized dealer? You're in the right place!!!


We offer all the dealers (physical and web), shopkeepers and professionals with a vat, the possibility to resell our beautiful glasses. To do this you have 2 possibilities:
1. Direct supply of the goods
(visit this link)
2. Service Dropshipping


Through the service of Dropshipping, you can buy the products directly from our website with a list of reserved, and we then we ship directly to your end customer! In this way you will not have to worry about, nor logistics or warehouse management.

To be able to purchase from our website, with a price list reserved for dropshipper, you just need to register on the site and as a Company. Once you have completed the registration please send an email to the address (indicating name, surname and company name), with which you wish to enable the price list for Dropshipping.
Within 24 hours from the request, you will be enabled, and you can purchase from our portal, with prices discounted, you imagine the same for each product.


Once you have enabled the list of reserved, you will need to enter into the Concession Contract, with whom you are legally authorized to the resale and to use our Copyrighted material (photos of products, descriptions, etc).


If you want to work with us, or to start a new business, we you, we offer you the possibility!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.