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Can I buy without registering?
Yes, of course, if you do not want to register to the site, you can still make purchases on the portal; just add the desired products in the cart, go to the checkout and fill in the fields of the QUICK CHECKOUT.

How long will I receive my order?
An order is usually delivered to Italy within 24 working hours after shipping (48 hours for islands and deprived areas). Keep in mind that orders depart from our warehouses every business day, so we guarantee delivery times that are always very fast.

What material are the lenses (and/or the frame)?
The material composition of the glasses is indicated in the description published in each product sheet.

What are the sizes of the glasses?
Measurements of each component of an eyeglasses are also indicated in its description (Details). For support, see the Measurement guide.

There is an error/problem in my order, can I cancel it?
It is always possible to cancel an order - contacting us before it is shipped - no later than midnight on the same day of purchase. Our logistics service is fast and efficient, and the send-offs depart from our warehouses every morning; therefore, if the cancellation request is beyond midnight, there is no more material time to proceed with the cancellation, but you can still start the return process after delivery.

How can I make a return?
It is possible to return the goods within 14 days of delivery. The return is free if the payment of the order was made via paypal, otherwise the shipping cost for the return is at your expense. You can open a return request directly in your account; click here for the procedure in detail.

How can I contact you?
Our support channels are manifold and we provide ongoing support.
- Mobile/WhatsApp: (+39)327.3217739
- Offices: (+39)06.56566408
- Email: 
- Messenger, Telegram
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