Supplies for Companies.

We also offer Supplies for professionals, companies, shop-owners and holders of VAT in general. The minimum number of order, to access the discounts for Dealers and Professionals, is 25 pieces. If you are interested in a quote just contact us, or fill in the order form following and return the package via e-mail.




The order form is not of course binding for the purposes of the final purchase, but an ideal reference to get a precise quote, and punctual. The Product Code of all our articles is to be found within each product page of our website, to the item "Model" (indicated by the red arrow in the following picture).

codice prodotto.png

NOTE: we do Not set any limitation on the resale price of our products. For which you have the full freedom and full autonomy to decide on the prices to propose to your clientele.

For any information, we are always available via phone, chat and e-mail.